Friday, November 13, 2009

Still life with Scallions

Yesterday I felt inspired but once again I was having difficulty setting up a still life. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some random objects and arranged them in different ways. The result was a nice composition with vertical and diagonal components... I love the understated beauty of simple compositions and bright colors.... I want the viewer to look at this and be reminded of home.

"Still Life with Scallions"


Oil on Canvas

Plein Air by Hammocks Lake

This was done Plein Air (outdoors) during last Sunday when my friend and classmate Doris Rodriguez came to paint with me... It was such a nice day.... We walked along the path around Hammocks Lake and we found this nice spot just by the Broadwater complex...

I believe this is one of my most successful plein air paintings... I see the improvement!!!!



Oil on Canvas