Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Study and Good News!

A completely different painting from that of the lighthouse; purposely done in a limited amount of time. The subjects: beautiful peppers I found at a local market who screamed at me: "Paint me! Paint me!"

You can bet you will see these again...

Acrylic on Canvas

In other news, I am glad to announce I won Gallery Director Choice Award in the Winter online exhibition held by Perez Art Galleries. Here is my "Diploma"


A couple of fellow painters and I went to Key Biscayne on Sunday to paint the beautiful lighthouse "Plein Air" (outdoors). It is so challenging! The light keeps changing, and even though it is hard to believe, it was actually cold in Miami!
I can't help but love it! We are planning on doing it again very soon...Here is my result...

"El Farito"
Oil on Canvas

Here is a picture that Doris (dorisrodriguez.wordpress.com) took of me working while working on my painting:

Here is the rest of the group having fun:

If you want to see more pictures of that afternoon you can click on this link: