Saturday, June 21, 2014


Lately life has been crazy. We bought a house (crazy in and out of itself), we moved twice (crazy doesn't begin to describe it), I went to a conference in D.C., and another one in Vermont and took advantage of that opportunity to drive to Canada.
I have also been doing some design related work, both for a couple clients and for my personal enjoyment (which usually ends up on my Etsy store), this usually includes Pin the Tail on the animal games or pattern design, which I have been exploring a lot. Hectic is perhaps the most appropriate word to describe the last months of the author of this blog.
I have not been painting as much as I'd like, but that doesn't mean I have stopped. I finished muse #5 (which I haven't been able to photograph successfully), started muse #6 and also managed to squeeze in this strawberry study, which I enjoyed soooo much!
I shared these process pictures on Instagram as I was painting. I usually tag this type of virtual live demo with #paintingdemo so you can easily find me posting as I work.
I invite you to visit my Instagram feed (@wxstudio), as well as my graphic design blog, and my etsy store. You'll find all kinds of treasures there...

"Strawberry Trio"
Oil on Canvas
Available for Sale Here