Thursday, September 2, 2010


Because of my limited time to produce other paintings while I work on my thesis, I have found myself experimenting more and more with digital media. I am especially intrigued with photo-retouching possibilities. I was trying to create an old picture feel with an emphasis on the lightning. You can see the before and after pictures here... Enjoy!

Digital Image

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Digital Art

I received this special commission from one of my closest friends. He just got married a month ago and wanted to give his wife a little something to remember him by... He came to me and I decided that in the time frame that he needed it by this was the best option. The good thing about this is that the colors can be easily adjusted to the liking of the client and you can print it in any size you want. We ended up choosing a different color scheme, but I have posted two of the options that we explored.

"JC & Giovanna"
Digital Images
Private Collection