Thursday, December 6, 2012


Being an artist is difficult. Especially when having a full time job and other little projects going on in your daily life... But there are only a handful of other things that give me as much joy as sitting in front of the easel and "playing" with color.
This time, inspired by Qiang Huang (one of the artists I follow) I wanted to create a composition with really bright colors and see if I could pull it off. I got to use many of the sennelier sticks that usually sit there waiting to shine when given an opportunity to be part of the light or highlight of a composition. I also tried painting eggs which by the way are HARD!!!! But I want to keep painting them!!!

P.S. The third muse is already underway...

"Apples and Eggs"
Pastel on Board
Available for sale here

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lemons and Jar

My friend Vanessa had a cowboy-themed birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I got a couple of mason jars from her decorations to use as props in my paintings, hence the jar in this composition. I was looking for a different color for my background, but since I didn't have the right fabric I decided to use one of my husband's shirts (don't tell him). Lastly, I included the lemons because I loooove their aroma and they remind me of Italy, more specifically: Sorrento.

In other news, I joined, a community for collectors and artists created by artists. It is similar to ebay or etsy, but with the added benefit that it is only for traditional media artists. I'm really excited about this new prospect. Make sure you check it out, you can find really cute stuff for good prices!

This painting is available for sale in case you want to participate in the auction. You can access it here.

"Lemons and Jar"
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Available for Sale