Saturday, November 3, 2012

Close to Venice...

I wanted to take a little break from my muse paintings. My hands and eyes were craving the rich, colorful pigments of my pastels. They were calling to me from the end of my work table, where I keep them while I work with the oils.
This painting was created from a photograph I took during my honeymoon. This is the small island of Burano (Not to be confused with Murano). It is incredibly charming! You can take a "vaporetto" (water taxi) from Venice or Murano to reach it. All of the houses are painted different colors and it is just a magic place!!! If you are ever in the area you must not miss it.
In reality, the tower in the composition is leaning (Pisa is not the only city with leaning tower in Italy). For the sake of the painting, I made use of my "artist's license" and made it straight.
Ci vediamo dopo!

16" x 20"
Pastel on Board
Available for Sale