Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good News and Introduction

Hello everyone!!!

I have been a victim of the flu epidemic that has been going around the States. I couldn't go to work for 3 days, and even as I'm writing this I feel like I should be in my bed resting and drinking fluids. As you can probably infer, I only managed to paint one little piece this whole week and to tell you the truth, I'm not completely happy with it. I should have waited a little longer, because even though I was wearing a mask to cover my nose and mouth, I feel the dust of the pastels delayed my recuperation process. I will work on it a little longer and post it for your enjoyment once I get better.

Well, no more whining!!! I do have two exciting news to share with you today...

 My painting "Sweet and Sour" (pictured above) was accepted to the 2nd Annual Women Painters of the Southeast Society Juried exhibition!!! This is REALLY COOL and a huge step in my painting career.

As you may know, besides being a painter, I am also a graphic designer. I decided to create a new blog where I could share with you all my thoughts and creations related to art and digital design.
I cordially invite you to visit and follow my new baby:  "Wendy's Right Brain"

Thank you for reading!!!