Friday, November 8, 2013

Four Models...


Muse #5 has been photographed and is currently on the sketching phase. As you can see above, my sister was kind enough to pose for me, and I have to say she looked beautiful and was a really good model! (posing is easier said than done). Thank you Viviana!!!!
I captured lots of good reference pictures that I may be using in the future, including the one here, which was one of the candidates for the painting but didn't make it to the "final round."

You may also be wondering what kind of muses are in picture at the bottom. Well, I also had a couple of other models that decided to go on the spotlight that night. My father, as well as Yogi (white maltese) and Brandy (black Portuguese water dog who has now been with us for the past 5 months!).

Yes, we are a very photogenic family ;)