Friday, January 4, 2013


After hours of hard work, struggling, wanting to give up, starting again, learning new things about anatomy, morphology, among other things... I introduce to you the first two muses: Melpomene (tragedy) and Urania (astronomy).
Ancient Greeks believed that inspiration was brought to humans by these female personifications of music, astronomy, dance, poetry and other arts. Moreover, many words in the Western lexicon are derived from these deities' special powers. You hardly think of these things, but ever wonder why a museum is called that? How about music? Or the saying in spanish "se le despertó la musa" (or its variations)?
It is really cool that by studying art you can learn about history, etimology, geometry, anatomy or morphology (among LOTS of other stuff). That is another reason why I am so passionate about pursuing this profession. It is interdisciplinary in nature. As I like to say (basing my concept on my dad's teachings), "Art is like math, you first need to learn the basics to move on to the more complex concepts." And I feel I'm just getting started...

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dog Portrait

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope you spent the first hours of 2013 next to your family, friends or significant others.
Here is the first post of the year.  My subject: Yogi, my mom's new maltese pup. He came to the family 2 months ago and he has proven to be one hyperactive doggie. He has managed to steal my family's heart and of course, my own. I am now heading to my parents' house now for a delicious Colombian "asado" (BBQ).

Take a look at the process below...

I wish many blessings upon you and your family. Here is to a year full of painting and nice surprises!!!! Cheers!!!

Pastel on Board
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