Friday, June 25, 2010


I thought I would post this horse I painted as a gift for my father back when I was in high school! Now that I look back I was always an artist...
Acrylic on Paper
Private Collection

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I had been waiting to post this one until after Father's Day; it was a very special commission that was to be given as a gift on that day. This is a posthumous portrait of my friend's mom. I am very honored to have been commended with such an important task. Thankfully she loved the results and finally gave me permission to post it.

"Martha Cecilia"
40.6cm x 61cm
Pastel on La Carte Paper
Private Collection

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sheep Sketch

I worked on my friend Sofy's portrait for my thesis today; so I decided to post a study I did of the Sheep I encountered at Mont Saint Michel in France two years ago (I cannot believe it has been that long!!!)... I love the colors and the fluidity of the strokes...

"Study of the Sheep at Mont Saint Michel"
Gouache and Ink on Paper
$130 (Shipping Included)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From Colombia with Love...

I am sorry I did not post yesterday but I went to pick up my parents and my sister from the airport and all in all it was a hectic day!
However, today I bring for you a painting from a photo taken by my mom. She got it for me while visiting the local market in Cali, Colombia. Juicy tangerines with green skin... I can't wait to go back to take lots more pictures, the variety over there is just amazing! And the food tastes so much "brighter." Also, I decided to take out my pastels because I missed them. I will concentrate on them once I get a little time off from thesis...

"Green Tangerines"
Pastel on Sennlier La Carte Paper
7.9" x11.5"
$130 (Shipping Included)