Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bussiness Cards

Ufff.... I am sorry I have not posted these last two days, but I had been hard at work designing the logo and the business cards for My boyfriend Paolo A. Arce and I burnt our eyelashes trying to figure out the design. He wanted to have something more minimalist and architectural and I wanted something colorful that would represent who I am... We finally came up with a concept we both loved and therefore, this will be applied to this blog as well as my website. We make such a good team! :)

The latest news are that I will be leaving to North Salem, NY to attend a portrait workshop by Daniel E. Greene. This is why I wanted to have my new business cards ready to do some networking... I will probably not be able to post while I am there (I don't even know if I will have internet access), but I promise to show you the results once I come back...

I have also been painting for my thesis, and let me tell you I am really happy with the results...

So here it is! A world premiere! (LOL) My new business cards!!!

P.S. I also offer graphic design services in case any of you ever need them...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rural Pear

This is an example of what a burst of inspiration can do. I just took out my pastels and did it! I wished every painting would go this way...

OK, OK, I confess... I do like the sweet torture of personal artistic growth... Does that make artists masochists in a way?

"Country Pear"
15.2cm x 22.9cm
Pastel on Sennelier La Carte Paper