Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Important Event

Although this is not directly related to my paintings (but she will probably become my model in the near future), I wanted to share with you an important event in my life...
Brandy was found in the rain with horrible mats in her hair but thanking God and my husband Paolo (who finally gave me the approval!) she has now found her "forever home."

Having visited Miami Dade county's animal shelter, I can tell you that it was a VERY sad experience. I love animals, and seeing so many of them there was absolutely traumatizing; especially knowing it is a kill shelter (they euthanize 35,000 dogs per year!!!!).

If you are looking for a loyal companion who will give you unconditional love, you can find it there. There are all kinds of dogs and cats waiting for a loving home... please consider adopting before buying. They even microchip them!!!